Synthetic CBD Vs. Natural CBD?

In today’s market, you can find CBD products everywhere. The market has become competitive, and companies have started to cut corners. Cutting corners in this industry can be lethal in this industry especially when CBD can be found virtually everywhere: stand-alone stands in the mall, storefronts, online, or even gas stations.

Frequently asked questions in the CBD industry are discussed below:

Gas Station CBD Oil?

One of the main reasons this has happened is due to the fact of mass production. A lot of these mass-produced, synthetic products likely come from China. All of our hemp is domestically grown in the USA in both Kentucky and Wisconsin.

Does China have the same standards as we do?

That is open to individual criteria, but all our products use organically grown hemp, are all-natural, vegan, and Non-GMO. Does China use 3rd party test to verify the quality? Not sure, but we do. You can find all our 3rd party results on our website. Check our home page EcoLife Supplements. We are tested for quality and purity.

Adverse Side effects of Synthetic CBD oil?

First off, What is Synthetic CBD oil? Synthetic CBD oil is the lab-created cannabinoid that was created to mimic the benefits of natural CBD. Don’t let it fool you; it is not the same. Synthetic is also known as ” Spice,” “Herbal incense,” and other familiar names.

As mentioned above, these synthetics are commonly known for being made in China.

Adverse side effects are widespread with Synthetic CBD such as vomiting, lethargy, confusion, vomiting, and even deaths to name a few. Now more than ever, it is essential to choose a reputable company.

Does Synthetic CBD cause “The Entourage effect”?

What is the Entourage Effect? This is the term for when cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically to allow the maximum benefit of the hemp plant.

With that being said, Synthetic CBD does not have the benefits of ” The Entourage Effect.” It is lacking, and not as beneficial as the natural.

We at EcoLife pride ourselves in making Top Quality and Pure products. Please visit our homepage to find an array of premium hemp extracts. We have many natural supplements available for you and your pets.

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