Our Values Define Us

These beliefs are the core of what connects us to you – The business, the customer, the friend, the athlete and everyone that joins the Ecolife journey!

Inspired by Passion

We are passionate about helping you live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Our passion is what drives our movement and the commitment to your health & wellness success.

Driven by Mission

The change in people who adopt a healthy lifestyle is what drives and motivates us. Our mission is to support you in your health and wellness journey with the best natural hemp supplements.

Focused on Health

Your health is your wealth. Our focus is supporting you in living a healthier and more successful life. 

The Backstory

In 2017 while down in Costa Rica, Anthony crossed paths with a cannabis and hemp farmer from Colorado and learned about CBD and its benefits. Anthony discovered that CBD could help with stress relief, aid in muscle recovery, helps promote quality sleep and that it helped with homeostasis in the body. Anthony bought, what he believed to be, the best CBD Oil on the market. He bought a bottle for himself and one for his father that had struggled with back issues for years and was using pain medication to cope.

Unfortunately, the CBD oil he purchased online just didn’t live up to the hype.

Anthony reached back out to the farmer from Colorado to get his thoughts on why it didn’t seem as great as he thought it would be.

Anthony discovered he had purchased a CBD isolate oil rather than full spectrum CBD Oil.

Anthony was eager to try full spectrum CBD oil and purchased some from his Colorado connection. This time Anthony noticed the effects within 20 minutes as he started to feel a calmness come over him. That night was his best night sleep he had in a long time and he didn’t even take melatonin like he had nightly for about 10 years.

Both of Anthony’s parents gave positive feedback as well.

Anthony will be the first to admit he was not looking to start a business as he already runs a successful and rapidly growing business. However, it was a passion of his to tell others about the benefits of taking CBD Oil and helping others live a healthier life was very rewarding.

To Anthony, EcoLife was not about a product or making more money but about helping people live a healthier and more active life by using all natural hemp supplements. 

It was at this time that Anthony hired one of the leading law firms in the county in the cannabis and hemp industry to help him navigate the complexities of the industry and how to make sure his products were manufactured within the law and according to the highest manufacturing standards. 

Over the course of a year, Anthony would find and partner with a group of growers and a processor outside of Lexington, KY to grow and manufacture products for EcoLife.

Let's change the world, one person at a time.

At EcoLife, we truly believe that our products are the solution that can help you live a healthier and happier life naturally.

If you think your health could be improved, try our hemp derived full spectrum CBD and experience the difference yourself today!

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