How to stay focused in a world full of distractions

First of all, What is FOCUS?

“The centre of interest” oxford dictionary

So, what do we to do change this?

In this day and age, there are so many points of interest, some would call “distractions” whether it be a thought, a feeling, a friend calling, phone beeping (someone liked your post on Facebook) messages from WhatsApp, the list goes on.

We have all been there, we have so much to do but our minds just keep wandering, looking at our phones pointlessly thinking about what we are going to do later and we just can’t stay focused.

So, what are the factors that make it so hard to FOCUS and concentrate?

Sleep is a big issue, everyone is different I suppose, some people love the morning and come alive as soon as the sun comes up, others just don’t want to get out of bed until midday and are then awake until 2-3am but the problems come when you don’t get enough quality sleep this will heavily affect your concentration, you will have difficulty focusing your attention, you will process your thoughts at a slower pace and you may become dazed and confused.

Routine, one thing I have found is that people who do not have a routine lack focus, routine helps you to stay organised and in flow, your stress levels will decrease, you will feel more in control which will help your concentration span.

Exercise or lack of, if you have ever done an awesome workout, the buzz you feel after it is exhilarating. This is because working out increases the feel-good hormone called endorphins, when you don’t workout, or move your body this can hinder your concentration and leave you feeling tense and stressed.

Diet is so important for brain function, most people don’t put two and two together with all the feelings of a fuzzy head, no energy, feeling miserable, loss of mental clarity and zero motivation, these are results of a poor diet. If we don’t fuel our brain and body properly with the correct nutrient’s we just become overwhelmed with feelings of exhaustion and brain fog or even illness.

All the above are issues that can hinder your focus, but luckily, they can all be put right.

There are some medical conditions that can cause concentration difficulties, where you are best to seek professional/medical help.

These include, cognitive brain functioning, where you are forgetting or misplacing things a lot.

If its psychological, or you are depressed and feeling down it will be very difficult to focus on the simplest task.

A few very common medical conditions are diabetes, hormone imbalance or iron/vitamin b deficiency.

Now we know why we feel the way we do, it’s time to change and FOCUS on the things that help us improve our concentration.

If you are a person who is ready to become successful and achieve the life you desire while being healthy and active?

These are for you,

Top tips on becoming a focused successful individual.Figure out your optimal morning/bedtime routine.

As I said above not one size fits all, we are all different; you know yourself better than anyone.

In general, most of us need 8 hours sleep to function at our peak state, so make sure your routine takes this into account.

Set a routine you can keep for the seven days of the week.

Your body will eventually stabilise, and your internal body clock will kick in.

This will improve the quality of your sleep and help you feel your best throughout the day.

We could go down a whole other avenue with this one… Bring on the morning ritual!

Wake Up Work Out

When the body feels good, so does the mind.

It is so important to add physical movement into your daily routine, it doesn’t have to be anything intense or crazy unless of course that’s what you love.

A simple exercise routine, a walk, a stretch, just getting up and moving around is a great way to help you get you in the zone.

There have been many studies showing parts of the brain that control your thoughts and memory are more developed in people that take part in exercise regularly.

When we workout the oxygen helps you pump blood through the body which help the brain function at an optimal level.

Remove distractions – they are known to be “the enemy of focus”

Anything other than your “centre of interest” “point of focus” is a distraction.

The only way we can focus until we are a master at it, is to remove distractions, close your social media and other apps, silence all your notifications.

Even better just make sure your phone is out of sight.

Block out your time, so that you are not disturbed by workmates, family members, I know a lot of people are working from home these days.

Shutting out external, also your internal distractions.

This can help you stay more focused, so make sure you have water, you have eaten before you start as these are only going to derail your concentration.

If you have been worrying, try to put this out your mind as it has no benefit to you whatsoever.

Focus on the task at hand, that will make positive changes you are looking for.

Practice Meditation

Meditation has so many benefits on the mind and body, it will help you sleep better, stress less and the point of today to help you focus more.

Your ability to become a better version of yourself depends a lot on what you focus on, your ability to learn new things, how you perform in your workspace and how successful you will be, it all comes down to FOCUS

Meditation is a way of training your brain to be aware of one thing at a time, we become better at focusing on the moment.

If you are looking to sharpen your focus, meditation is your friend.

Eat Well and Fuel Your Mind

Your brain needs nutrients to function at optimal level, mainly good fats.

Nuts, Seeds and Avocados are the best foods to keep your brain running smoothly.

Leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach contain potassium which helps with the brain’s responsiveness.

Fruits and fiber can help regulate blood sugars, this will maintain energy levels, the main thing is to reduce things that can cause spikes in sugar levels as this will make you tired and drowsy, defeating the purpose of fuelling for focus.

Final Points

Learning how to concentrate and focus is essential in creating the life you desire.

This of course won’t happen overnight; the first step is to recognize where your flaws are, and if this is affecting you moving forward in life.

By improving your concentration, you will also find time for joy and happiness, whereas before stress and worry were at the forefront.

You can and you will accomplish more, you will attract the things you desire if you sharpen FOCUS.

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