Can I Give CBD To My Dog?

You see your dog as more than just a pet. He’s your best friend and a member of your family. So it only makes sense that you want him to be a happy and healthy frisbee chasing pup. And if CBD supplements work for humans, can I give CBD to my dog too?

CBD supplements are becoming extremely popular alternatives to help with a variety of conditions from pain and inflammation to anxiety and sleep disorders. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of CBD extracts in their own personal lives. But many pet owners are now wondering, can CBD help alleviate pain or inflammation in my dog? Or, will CBD help poor Rover relax instead of going into a frenzy any time the doorbell rings? And most importantly, is CBD safe for canine consumption?

The answer is yes. Many CBD products can be safely given to dogs, and there are a number of high quality CBD supplements designed specifically for pets. But not all CBD products are necessarily safe for dogs to ingest, and not all CBD products are created equal so it’s important to understand which products are safe for Fido, and which ones are not.

First and foremost, THC is not safe for dogs. In fact, unlike in humans, THC is toxic to dogs and a large enough dose could even be fatal. Because CBD is extracted from both hemp and marijuana, there is a possibility that the extract you purchased for your pooch could contain THC cannabinoids as well and be dangerous for your furry little friend. But unlike THC, CBD itself is not harmful for dogs and many vets support using a CBD supplement specifically manufactured for pets to assist with a wide range of medical conditions and ailments.

CBD supplements can be given to dogs for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common treatments is to help your pet manage pain caused by arthritis or other chronic diseases. And while many veterinarians approve of the use of CBD products for dogs, you’ll probably have to initiate the conversation on whether or not CBD is right for your pet. This is simply because vets must adhere to a strict code of conduct outlined by the American Veterinarian Medical Association and because the use of CBD treatments for dogs is relatively new, there just isn’t enough data in existence for the AVMA to  endorse or approve of the use of medicinal cannabidiol for dogs. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a substantial number of vets out there that not only recommend CBD treats for dogs, but use CBD supplements with their own pets.

I don’t want my dog to get sick. What’s the best CBD product for him?

When looking to purchase CBD products for your dog, make sure to choose CBD supplements that are extracted from industrial hemp plants and not from marijuana. While marijuana is grown and cultivated for it’s high THC count, industrial hemp contains little to no THC and is rich in CBD cannabinoids and essential oils. CBD for dogs can come in different forms. A lot of CBD infused dog treats are on the market, but we prefer a premium pet CBD extract in tincture form so you can control the dosage of CBD oil you add to your dog’s meals, treats, or just administer in liquid form. Tincture is especially helpful for dogs that are picky eaters or who have experienced a loss of appetite associated with their pain. We also recommend purchasing CBD products that are specifically created for dogs to ensure your getting high quality CBD cannabinoids without the possibility of ingesting harmful THC.

Whether it’s to aid with separation anxiety, chronic pain, or a number of other symptoms,  CBD extracts can help your pet live a happier and more fulfilled life. If you’re considering trying CBD for your dog, remember these three simple rules:

1 – Talk to your veterinarian. Be open and honest with your vet about your interest in CBD and understand the risks and benefits of CBD extracts for dogs.

2 – Purchase high quality CBD products formulated specifically for pets. Avoid products containing THC and/or derived from marijuana and go for the hemp extracts instead. We recommend a product like EcoLife Pet Premium Hemp Extract, which as been formulated without flavoring or additives that can be harmful to pets.

3 – Dose Gradually and watch your pet for possible side effects. CBD pet supplements have a lot of benefits but may not be right for every pet or situation. If your trying CBD for your pet for the first time, start with a small dose and wait a few hours to see how your pet reacts. Don’t start with high doses or leave your pet immediately after administering CBD for the first time.

And always give your pet lots of love and affection. After all, they’re more than dogs, they’re family.

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