Are CBD Edibles Safe?

The Cannabis world has been growing so much the last few years. We have a variation of products that get launched yearly.

New and improved products, advanced products, synthetic, natural, lab formulated, edibles, wax, and the list can go on and on…

The Love-Hate Relationship With Edibles

One of the products that has been growing in popularity is CBD edibles. Many users have a love-hate relationship with edibles. Mostly because of being uninformed.

The release of new products comes with waves of questions. A first time user of edibles has the potential of having a negative experience due to being uninformed about the product.

Edibles are not like your typical flower or oils. They can take a different time frame to feel the full effects. Many times causing the first time user to take another dose before getting the full effect of the first dose.

Edibles can even last longer. Many times the duration is longer for an edible versus other products.

They also can contain more of a concentrated dose. Which is why it can also be very effective for people who would rather not vape, smoke, or use tinctures.

Edibles can come in a variation of flavors; chocolate, brownies, cookies, gummies, candies, just to name a few.

5 Tips On Using CBD Edibles


1. Choose A Reputable Manufacture:

Choosing a great product is highly important. We must ensure we are taking in high quality ingredients at all times. Supplements are meant to enhance our healthy lifestyle and choosing top quality supplements often is a step towards that direction.

2. Start With A Lower Dose:

Like any other experience in life, it’s easier to start small, before taking a plunge into the deep end. Starting with a lower dose and working your way up is best. Using this method will allow you to find that sweet spot that works best for you.

3. Eat A Meal Before Having Edibles:

Just like medications or other supplements sometimes taking the product on an empty stomach can cause a stronger effect on your system. To ensure you have a positive experience, we recommend taking some precautions like having a meal beforehand, don’t mix with alcoholic beverages, and be in a good state of mind.

4. Listen To Your Body:

Finding the correct dose that works best for you and that makes you feel comfortable. Not all users are the same, some require more or less than what is best for you. Find your sweet spot and only use more if needed.

5. Enjoy. 

The course of taking on a new supplement can and should be a positive experience. Use a journal to document your experience, it will be helpful to keep track of the benefits on your lifestyle.

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