5 Tips to Making 2020 a More Healthy Year

As we end 2019, and the start of the new decade new opportunities are at our fingertips. There’s many ways to start off the year strong.

We can focus on health, wealth, business, finance, relationship, giving, spirituality and so much more. 

But there’s one category that I believe trumps all others and that’s your health. Without your health all other categories are limited. 

Here are a few tips on starting 2020 with your health in mind.

1. Get outdoors more.

Find some outdoor activity that you enjoy and make it a habit. Cycling, surfing, running, or even a simple brisk walk outdoors can make a significant change to your lifestyle. 

Getting vitamin D from the sun can be helpful too, make sure you use sunscreen if you plan on being outdoors for an extended amount of time. Taking CBD prior to outdoor activities can assist with more flexibility and help your exercise recovery efforts.

2. Get more sleep.

It’s been proven that getting a good night’s rest does wonders for your health. Many times we forget about this one.

The busyness of life and work get priority and our sleeping patterns are constantly interrupted.  REM sleep is best. There are tools to monitor your sleeping patterns that can be helpful and taking CBD has been known to help improve quality of sleep as well.

3. Eat healthier.

Being more conscious about what we are putting into our bodies is highly important. There are many diets fads, and they seem to always be coming up with something new.

Eating a balanced diet that works for you is key, not all bodies are the same and it’s important to listen to your body- your body will tell you what is working for it and what’s not. Learn to listen to your body.

4. Drink water.

Ideally you want to drink half your body weight in water. So for example if you weigh 140lbs then ideally you want to drink 70oz of water.

Drinking water upon waking up has many health benefits. It’s like getting the engine oiled up and running before the start of the race.

5. Top quality supplements.

Our quality of food has diminished over the last century, we use the same soil and hormones are commonly used to grow animals at a fast pace for human consumption.

Using the right supplementation and choosing healthy alternatives to the norm can be life altering. We at Ecolife have a variety of CBD supplements to choose from. All of our CBD products are all natural, plant based and are 3rd party lab tested for consistency and purity.

6. Practicing meditation or mindfulness.

Having the practice of daily meditation has great benefits for your mind and body. The practice of letting your mind take a pause and quieting down everything around you has been life changing for many.

Adding CBD supplements to your meditation practice can help you relax, become grounded and quiet your mind to increase the effectiveness of your meditation.  Discover this old method and even combine it with some of our products to enhance your meditation practice.

These are just a few tips that you can use to get a great start for 2020. Having a system to ensure a successful start of 2020 and making it sustainable is key.

Here’s a couple bonus items on keeping accountability because we like to overdeliver here at Ecolife Supplements. 

There’s many ways to keep track of your progress but here are a few of my favorites.

1. Find an accountability group or two. The benefits of starting in the new year is that there will be many with the same goals. Getting a group of people to keep each other accountable has been very successful.

That’s why many new health programs have a high success rate because they use group settings creating accountability within the group.

2. Get yourself a 2020 journal. Someplace where you can document your daily routine. Writing down your goals daily and keeping track of your progress is very helpful. Writing down goals and progress can have a snowball effect, giving you momentum as you start crushing your 2020 goals. 

Cheers to you and your health in the New Year.

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