4 Tips To Make Your CBD Oil More Effective

Whether you are taking a protein supplement or a CBD Oil supplement, you want to be
taking the correct serving size for your body and needs and also receive the optimal benefit from taking it.

Here are four crucial tips in maximizing your CBD Oil Supplements benefits.


Use A Quality CBD Brand

With CBD Oil being the latest health craze, several companies are jumping on the CBD bandwagon and offering their version of CBD Oil. Not all CBD Oil is of the same quality, so it is essential to
buy a reputable brand. Keys to selecting a rebuttable brand include making sure the brand uses domestic and organically grown hemp for their products, all of their products are tested by a 3rd party and results available upon request and manufactured in an FDA Registered, GMP Compliant Facility.


Finding The Correct Dose of CBD Oil

The time that it takes for CBD Oil to begin working can vary from one person to another. How quickly your
body responds to CBD can depend on your age, your metabolism, and your reason for taking it. Some
users report feeling relief from stress the first time they try it while others report needing to take their CBD Oil for several days or weeks before noticing the maximum health benefits they desire. Like with all supplements, it is best to start with a lower dose of CBD and increase as needed.

Taking your CBD Oil Correctly

Make sure to store your CBD oil in a cool, dry place. Gently shake the bottle before each use. Take the
desired amount and place it under your tongue for 60-90 seconds. Swallow any remaining CBD Oil. Taking
your CBD Oil sublingually is the most effective way to get it into your system. When you take your CBD Oil sublingually, it absorbs through the capillaries under your tongue and enters the bloodstream rather
than having to go through the entire digestive process. Wait 20-30 minutes before taking an additional

Use your CBD Oil Supplement Every Day

Even though you can see health benefits from taking your CBD Oil sporadically, the optimal benefits
come from taking it daily. By taking your CBD Oil Supplement regularly, it allows for the CBD and other cannabinoids to build up in your system, allowing you to be healthier, have more energy, and return to a state of homeostasis.

EcoLife Supplements are all-natural, hemp-derived health supplements. We are passionate about helping people experience the natural benefits of our full-spectrum hemp oil extracts. 98% of people report they feel healthier, get better rest, and have more energy throughout the day after using EcoLife daily. 

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